Alice Moore

Department of Political Science

The School of Public Policy

The Rubin Building

29/31 Tavistock Square, London



I am a doctoral researcher in the Department of Political Science at University College London and a Research Officer at the London School of Economics. My research focuses on the ways in which different methods of public service delivery affect the quality of public services and the nature of interactions between citizens and government.

In my current doctoral research, I investigate the role of interorganizational trust in the delivery of outsourced public services. I explore how more flexible contractual arrangements, based on trust and collaborative processes, are being used to manage the risk and uncertainty involved in outsourcing public services. I use a online survey experiments, machine learning, and Bayesian process tracing to analyse the evolution of government contracting relationships over time. I examine the effects that these practices have on competition for public contracts and on the quality of services being provided.

My wider research interests are in the politics and practice of public sector organization design, particularly decisions about the boundaries between the public and private sectors and questions of public ownership. I am interested in the ways in which public management decisions can have wide-ranging consequences for people’s experience of government and the effects of public management reforms on the quality and responsiveness of public services.

I co-convene the Public Policy Research Network, an inter-university collaboration that creates opportunities for training and debate for doctoral students working in the fields of public policy and political economy. I am also a member of the Public Policy, Management and Regulation research cluster within the Department of Political Science.